2016 Purpose

How might we create a long-term, values-based, intersectional agenda together that builds our power and demonstrates the unity of the progressive movement?

  • Begin exploring what the progressive movement needs and wants and how Wye could contribute to that.
  • Collective clarity and understanding about best ways to use our space and time together
  • Set ourselves up for a long-term planning conversation starting in 2017





2017 Plan


No viable proposal of a pathway forward to achieving our purpose.

A plan that does not engage debate, decreases opposition.

A plan that lacks moral ambition and practical steps toward a majority of perspectives.

No criteria for actions — feels loosy


Written process, roadmap, and scoping for 2017. What elements need to be included? Who’s the audience?

  • Needs
  • Resources required
  • Narrative
  • Partners
  • Budget

Participants feel heard and understood


We have a purpose that is inspiring and leverages the strengths and ambitions of Wye.

Concrete schematic for types of interactions we’ll have.

Topics of conversations to explore together in 2017.

Thriving small group projects — acting with urgency and inclusion.

Agreement to a process and shapes we will try in 2017.

Define criteria for activities that support our goals.


Parameters for our project (PPT) are defined



2-3 high energy members of Wye not committing required time / effort to carry momentum.

Not enough people (<10) who want to move forward.

Not enough people (<10) in a Forward Stance.

By May 15, listserv traffic dies down, design team disillusioned, conversations with other Wye members yield, “NO.”

Less than 14 participants at November Wye River meeting.


Wye River relationships are deeper and stronger.

Clear choice point articulated for participation.

Spoken with all the Wye members about purpose and goals — gotten commitments to engage with two feet in.

Test to see whether and to what degree people are up for this effort.

Wye River participants are more fully aware of what the big movement calls to action and our orgs are taking part in a minimum of 1-2 outside of their own sector.

We each look forward to our Nov convening with a “choose to” lens


We are no longer relying on the few to carry the group forward, but everyone takes a role.

We have multiple shapes and ways of engaging that accommodate individual capacities.

Wye River participants and corresponding orgs do one public activity together demonstrating unity.

Wye River participants are invigorated by past election to create new path forward for our country.

Renewed participation.



Status quo.

The project of defining our goal and criteria becomes too daunting.

Our ambition is bigger than our capacity, and we can’t move the ball forward between meetings.

We have Wye members going into 2017 still asking why, and what for.


We have generated a collective rhythm that has momentum to carry us forward.

Continued quality of facilitation and administration.

Design team is very valued and supported.

Leaders have reviewed and reworked these success metrics so that they’re specific and everyone understands what they mean.


Clear paths for all Wye members to influence the design of full group meetings.

All Miles and Wye River members have a clear narrative for how 2016-2017 process connects to Wye’s greater purpose.

Wye leaders are sharing the narrative and enrolling others.

Re-calibrate how often we meet and how we move our engagement along.


The leaders believe the narrative for how this connects to the greater purpose.