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Ask and maybe we will receive

February 17, 2017 – February 24, 2017
Feedback Post-It Note
Feedback Post-It Note

How might we...

  • How might Miles River support the immediate needs of the Network and simultaneously keep the network on course towards their articulated purpose of collective leadership and power building?
    • How might we create space for sharing critical upcoming news and opportunities for coordination?


If we ask Wye leaders what they want and need in regards to rapid response then they will provide useful and actionable information that will inform our next coordination experiment.


How might we creates space for sharing critical upcoming news and create opportunities for coordination? Jodie will send an email  to the Wye listserv. The email will ask them to:
  • identify if and how rapid response updates and asks from their Wye colleagues are helpful to them
  • how they would like to give and receive updates
  • how they will use them? Ex. Share them with their staff, their networks?
Jodie will send the email out on Friday 02/17 and give people until Friday 02/24 to respond.


Do people  respond to the individual and listserv emails?
  • Success is 2-4 responses to the listserv email
Do we have a better understanding of the rapid response needs of the group?
  • The responses provide information and insight that informs how we proceed with rapid response coordination.
Failure is less than 2 responses to the listserv. AND the information that is shared does not provide adequate insight into the wants and needs and we are no more informed than when we started.


The network is overwhelmed but managing to respond to the immediate. Doing something and seeing how people behave is often a better form of learning than asking people what they want. Pause and contemplate experiments on the front-end. Choose experiments that you really care about so that you have the motivation to stick with testing the hypothesis.  


I will rely less on asking people what they want over email and otherwise, and instead propose and/or just take action that folks can react to and extrapolate from there.


When folks are swamped with urgent and immediate demands, how do you breakthrough to ensure the important but not urgent gets oxygen?
Accountable Jodie
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