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February 2, 2017 – February 14, 2017
Michelle Obama calling
Michelle Obama calling

How might we...

  • How might Miles River support the immediate needs of the Network and simultaneously keep the network on course towards their articulated purpose of collective leadership and power building?
    • How might we create space for sharing critical upcoming news and opportunities for coordination?


If we create a 30 minute rapid response call in response to the expressed need of Wye Members then we will know if Wye Network wants to engage with each other in rapid response.


How might we creates space for sharing critical upcoming news and create opportunities for coordination? Set a time for an all network call and invite Wye Network including the purpose of the call. Facilitate at 30 minute call.


  • 3-4 people sign up to be at agenda
  • Those people deliver info in concise way, have a sharp ask.
  • Get at least one response of support from the network for each ask
People say it was of value to them (1-5, getting 4 & 5) People express that they have larger understanding of the current social and political landscape (1-5, getting 4 & 5) Fail would be not useful- if no one showed up for next call


It isn’t clear that Wye Members don’t want to engage in rapid response. We learned that people see value in sharing and want to know what’s happening with others and yet people are more likely to consume information than share their own. There was interest in having a text group for Wye River with many leaders getting hundreds of emails a day and not being able to always track what is happening with Wye and Wye leaders. It would have been useful to slow at the beginning and get to greater clarity on outcomes and measures and enrolling Wye Members directly into this framework.


Jodie will reach out to the Wye River list to report out the calls to date and will work on creating another iteration of this experiment. 


What are people already doing that is working and isn’t working in terms of sharing information and collaborating? Is there learning from Sarita’s recent collaboration that we can learn from? People are grateful to be included but what do people want to know and are others who have that info willing to share it (reciprocal, people want to be consumers but there isn’t much offering content). Why is this?
Accountable Jodie
Team Jodie, Alison, Eden
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