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Invisible Guest 2

July 13, 2016 – August 9, 2016
The Eavesdropper, by Nicolaes Maes
The Eavesdropper, by Nicolaes Maes

How might we...

  • How might we track one-on-one meetings with minimal effort?


If we can add an invisible guest to all relevant leaders’ 1:1 calendar invites then we will be able to increase the visibility of those meetings with minimum efforts.


We will communicate our intent but know that we will not necessarily end up w/only Wye meetings Email address: Here are the instructions for assistants. By tracking all invites on the invisible guest calender, we will be able to measure the engagement of each leader and the connectedness within the group. Eden is checking in w/assistants via email to invite them to participate in this experiment.


Measures Is assistant on board and cool with it? If calendar reflects the meetings that are happening (what %) (Did meetings occur and Miles wasn’t invited?) Who is adding what? Success:People added Miles to their calendar invites, if there were meetings Epic : Miles reveals info that otherwise we would have never learned.


  • Relationships matter!
  • 2 out of 7 (29%) conversations including a Principal in Wye was recorded on Ms Miles. Those that were not recorded include organizations where Eden hasn’t yet connected individually  with assistants. Eg.  Heather, Ai-jen or Anjelica’s assistants with one exception (convo between May and Annie on 8/9).
  • Three assistants, Edwin from, Shina from APEN, and John from Forward Together have added meetings to Ms. Miles calendar. Eden had one on one conversations with each of these assistants providing background on Wye River and the Ms. Miles calendar.
  • We learned about other meetings from Wye Leaders sharing their meeting notes or Miles River Team meetings.


  • Continue using and encouraging assistants to use Ms. Miles Calendar.
  • Eden to meeting in person with assistants when possible to build relationships.


Why aren’t assistants adding Ms. Miles to their original invite, it is only on invites that are to their principals and not to all the people in a conversation? This seems to be adding an extra step for assistants rather than adding us directly to another invite, ex. Wye River West Coast Meeting on 9/1, only Ev and Ms Miles are invited rather than all the other people.
Accountable Alison
Team Eden, Alison, Haitham and all Wye River Assistants
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