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Robin Knows Collaborations?

March 8, 2017 – March 31, 2017

How might we...

  • How might we better engage the Wye assistants?
  • How might we learn about key current collaborative efforts in the progressive movement from Wye leaders and share the aggregated results back in an accessible and sticky way?
    • How might we learn if assistants are a good source of information relating to the scope of collaborations that their principals are involved in?


If we talk to assistants about their principals collaborations,  then Miles River will be able to start to map movement collaborations and  determine if assistants are a good source of information (scope & depth) about their principal’s involvement in these collaborations.


Ide and Alison will try to have 30 min conversations with 6 assistants. Send short email to principal letting them know that we are going to be checking in with their assistants about their collaborations. Interview Questions re: collaborations and tables relate to:
  • Wye leaders role (participant, organizer, etc.) and level of participation
  • Goal and Scope / what trying to accomplish
  • Other Participants
  • Point Person or Lead of Collaboration
  • How regularly they meet and how?
  • How the collaboration/table runs itself?
  • What are their communication norms? (eg copies of the notes, an agenda before the meeting, conference call or meet in person etc)
  • Do you think this is working out well, sense of effectiveness? (whether we probe this  depends on what they know beyond participation in the collaborative.)
  • Are there some you’re most familiar with b/c NAME spends a lot of time there or you hear about it?


Success:  we are able to talk to 3/6 assistants Is the effort worth it?
  • How much time & effort  did Ide and Alison put into this or level of ease versus frustration?
  • Quality of information: Are they familiar with various collaborations and tables.Do they have the kind of information that we want?
    • How many different things did you learn about
    • 1-5 overview score about the questions above.
  • Qualitative Notes/Reaction:
    • On top of it!
    • Have some knowledge, middling
    • Don’t think so, information is spotty or they don’t know.
  Failure: Talk to zero assistants
  • Response quality to questions varies to a degree such that we can’t make a general judgement about whether assistants are a good source of this information.


Interviews that affirm that assistants are a middling source of information regarding tables/collabs. Familiar with logistical realities of meeting: frequency and duration as well as overall level of commitment. More concrete sense of demands of participation and priorities set/choices made and ways orgs. are coping. Gateway to other sources in the organization.  (Potential of asking them to track ?- how to distribute work in these, who are other sources of info within org) Cross-movement map is thin from these. How robust is cross sector work and of these which are most functional? Beyond general goals of coordinating action and strategizing. What fights have they picked/ how are they moving together or not?  



Accountable Ide
Team Ide, Alison
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Modified May 10, 2017
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