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Free your Mind and Try Again

April 25, 2017 – May 10, 2017

How might we...

  • How Might We communicate a compelling and consistent vision of our work together?


If I practice sharing the case for our work with the Miles River team then  it will become crisper and easier to deliver to others.


Jodie will outline a new narrative via a google doc accompanied with a recording the fleshes out each section by 4/25. She will ask for specific feedback from Miles River, including how compelling it is. Feedback requested from Miles River by EOD on 4/26. Based on feedback, Jodie will craft a second iteration and ask for Miles River to review and rate for how compelling it is.


Ask the following three questions  for 1st and 2nd iteration and compare:  
  1. How compelling was the communication?
  Scale for Compelling (1-10):
  • 10 -hopeful, grounded, provided clear pathway for how we’ll address systemic challenges.
  • 5- parts of vision are clear,  parts are hazy, overall pieces of how we’ll address systemic challenges are missing.
  • 1-not enough there to get feedback on, not compelling, no clear problem statement.
  1. What felt most compelling to you?
  2. What did you want to feel more compelling?
  Success = increase in overall compelling rating and comments.   Minor measure: Everyone will be invited to give specific feedback, JT will put questions in google doc.
  • Success =  feedback from 2 people that informs the next iteration
  • Failure =  feedback feels demoralizing or unactionable.


This was the first time that Jodie was sharing writing with entire Miles River, it was higher stakes and raised anxiety level.   Writing always takes longer than expected, how do I start to allocate time better for writing.   Focus on one writing experiment at a time to be able to allocate enough time to the experiment.  



Would an experiment that is daily be more effective? How to continually prioritize writing with all the other priority or urgent tasks or projects?
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