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WhatsApp, Wye? 3

July 1, 2016 – July 31, 2016
Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny

How might we...

  • How might we stay engaged with each other on an ongoing basis?


    If we were all connected via the mobile app, WhatsApp, then we’d be able to quickly share updates and videos that others would read and watch.


    Tell all of Wye River about WhatsApp. Encourage people to join the group, but do it organically — if they request it, or if someone sees them one-on-one and encourages it. See if, at minimum, they share updates and (epic) videos with each other.


    WhatsApp engagement:
    • Who posts, when, and how frequently?
    • Who's posting video or photos?
    Who's already using it? Who wants to join our group? Who installs it to join?


    • Ide mentioned WhatsApp organically and one-on-one to George and Angelica, and both wanted in! Helping them install WhatsApp and getting them on the Wye River group proved challenging, but we learned a lot about how to simplify this.
    • Three leaders posted (Ev, May, Angelica) for a total of five posts in July. All were responses to Miles River messages.
    • We currently aren't tracking who reads Miles Rivers messages. It's a highly manual process, but it's possible, and traffic is light, so we should do this. We should also use link trackers to see who's clicking on links from WhatsApp versus other mediums.


    People seem to like it, and the organic method of recruiting people to it seems to work well. We should do another iteration of the experiment, but number of posts isn't a hugely relevant stat for us right now. We should instead focus on the following metrics:
    • How many times do leaders share anything on their own (i.e. not in response to one of us)?
    • How many times do leaders share video takeaways from one-on-one conversations on their own?
    • Who's reading Miles River messages?
    • How often are people clicking on links?


    Accountable Eugene
    Team Miles River + Wye River
    Modified March 20, 2017
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