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YouTube Celebrities 2

March 31, 2016 – April 20, 2016
Photos of various YouTube celebrities
Photos of various YouTube celebrities

How might we...

  • How might we stay engaged with each other on an ongoing basis?
    • How might we capture and share the spirit and content of meetings with those who didn’t participate?


    If Jodie and Eugene record and share 2-4 minute video summaries after meetings with Wye leaders, then those who aren’t present will get a sense of forward movement, even if they’re not watching the videos, and it will inspire others to do the same.


    Every time Eugene or Jodie meets with a leader, they will record a short video and share it on the design team mailing list.


    Count and analyze responses on the mailing list + one-on-one feedback.


    • People seemed to like that we were doing these, but very few people (outside of the support team) actually watched them. Establishing more explicit around agreements to watch may shift this. Too early to tell at this stage.
    • We need simpler ways to upload and share to lower the barriers for others to do this. May be an opportunity to engage assistants.
    • All that said, one of our leaders (May) was inspired to do this on her own, and says she wants to spread the practice within her organization!


    Create an STP Google My Business page, and make multiple people admins, so that videos can be shared there.



    1. How might we stay engaged with each other in an ongoing basis?

      At the WyeRiver meeting in March 2016, Wye leaders decided to sharpen their focus and come together to do long term planning together. There was strong consensus that in order to succeed, the network must try working in different shapes and move forward their work in between the two annual meetings.

      This “how might we”question and the associated experiments are testing out different methods for communicating what work is happening and prompting increased engagement.

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