Headlines: August 1-to-1 convos & Media-ted Mirrors Experiment

1 on 1 conversations continue: Notes from Annie and May’s conversations are up and May and Miya also spoke, although we don’t have notes for that yet. Eden met with Edwin from 350.org. No conversations scheduled on Ms. Miles calendar for this week. We are encouraging people beyond the design team to have conversations with each other but haven’t learned of any convos yet. Eugene proposed that one direction for the first quarter of 2017 might be to have Wye Leaders continue to have one on one conversations but with a specific partner. Jodie and Heather connected yesterday, see Wye Design notes for details!

Our synthesis call was canceled. Amy is set to reach out to peers about Wye. There is a substantial amount of data to synthesize which is great news for starting to draft a 2017 plan for the November Wye Meeting.

New experiment called Mediated Mirrors is up as is a 4th iteration of WhatsApp.

This week we’re back at full roll call for our Miles River Meeting!