Headlines: Bringing the Big Picture into View

Priorities: Keeping the big picture in our sight and connecting the dots for Wye Leaders, including the design team, is a priority. This includes explaining the “What For” of one on one conversations, a values based agenda, and more broadly the existence of Wye River. Each member of Miles River can articulate this story in unique ways and we’ll be posting our articulations on this blog.

Experiments: Next iteration of Every Batman Needs a Robin is up and includes Eden meeting with assistants while on the East Coast. We have 5 active experiments, that are trying out different ways to track this process and encourage engagement!

Synthesis: Andrea from NWDA is joining this team while Jodeen has had to step off. Initial synthesis will happen before the first synthesis call on 9/8.

Conversations: We’re at 7 convos for August and we don’t know of any others scheduled. Our goal is 10 conversations. We may shift to additionally reach out to individuals whom we need input from over the next month.

No Miles River Meeting this week.