Headlines: Adjustments, Processes, & Conversations


  • Prepping our design team to be the ambassadors going into November meeting
    -One on one conversations with design team members
    -First design call meeting is two weeks away, 9/14
  • Keeping in mind the big picture!


  • We’re moving from a period of encouraging and supporting Wye Leaders to have conversations that answer our questions which are
    1. What exactly does a “long-term, intersectional, values-based agenda” mean to you?
    2.  And If we spent 2017 doing this, what would minimum success at the end of 2017 look like? Target success? Epic success?
    3.  Who else needs to be engaged in this conversation?)
  • Now we’re prioritizing people that Miles River will reach out to for their input about questions 1 and 2.
    For Question 3, we can ask the Wye River list serv and Eugene already posed this to the Wye Design Team. We want to prioritize people who leaders would want to invite to the November Meeting. The ideal process would be to introduce them to where Wye is and get their input before attending Wye River in November, through a conversation.
  • More responses to these questions will give our synthesis team more data to work with and give us direction as we draft a plan for 2017 and design the Nov Wye Meeting.


    Continuing with current set. Eden connected Jon and Edwin via email. She is also working to help get George on WhatsApp.

    Synthesis: Call confirmed with Andrea, Amy, Ide, and Eugene for Tuesday, 9/7. Eden is working to schedule a second call which is rough.


  • Eugene has scheduled one on one’s with Sarita (9/12), Ev (9/9), Heather (9/12), and is working to schedule with Miya and May before the 1st design team meeting.


  • Alison is facilitating Miles River weekly check in
  • Eden is requesting repeatedly that assistants answer me re:confirming principals attendance at Wye River.

    On the Horizon (for more see roadmap):

  • 9/19: We Won’t Wait Summit, National Harbor, MD
  • 9/27 all day in person debrief meeting with Miles River Team, followed by happy hour with additional folks
  • 10/6: Wye design call
  • 10/28: Wye design call#headlines