Headlines: Wye Design Meetings, Comms, & Miles River Meeting, 9/27

Headlines: Wye Design Meetings, Comms, & Miles River Meeting, 9/27

Wye Design

Communication with Wye List Serv – This week

  • EEK re: Design Team meeting & Synthesis & Convos
  • JT  to Wye Design Team with List of LIO Alums to spur thinking re: Who to invite and involve


Before Oct 7

  • Sharing Draft POP, Sept 22 (ish)
  • Following up on asks?
    • Inviting Andrea and Amy to Design team
    • One on One with lists of Who Else to engage with. – who is doing what and by when? Miles River to pick up the slack here.


Oct 7 Wye Design Call (eden out)

  • Agenda
    • Feedback on 2017 POP
    • Who Else
  • Follow Up
    • Sharing integrated version of POP with Wye River List serv- EEK
    • Additional guests one on one conversations and confirmations


Oct 28 Wye Design Call

  • Agenda
    • Who – have list of “who else” will be attending Wye River
    • Success Spectrum for Nov 2017 meeting
  • Follow Up


Nov 17 Wye Design Call

  • Close loops and help get Design Team aligned together as a team headed into the meeting

Miles River Debrief

  • Miles River Processes as Experiments
  • Working Agreements Review re: how are we working together and individually?
  • Mindsets and Assessments of our progress: how do we want to grow our individual and collective approaches/mindsets to the work, our becoming our next iteration of Miles River culture
  • Your input is welcome
  • Meeting all day on 9/27 at 101 Broadway with happy hour at Plank afterwards.