M&M Week 6 Workout: March 27, 2017

This week, we’ll exercise our systems thinking muscles and will work on surfacing our respective theories of change about the STP work we’re all doing together.

  1. Take one minute to pause and breathe deeply together in silence. (1min)
  2. Do a brief checkin with your partner. (3min)
  3. Warmup: One-Minute Drill — Question Variation (15min)
    1. Take a minute to consider the following: What should be our highest priority goal in 2017 for the work we’re doing together for Wye River (and beyond)? You can pick one of the goals in our planning document, or you can come up with a different one.
    2. Decide who will share first.
    3. Take one minute to share your answer. Your partner should listen quietly and keep strict time. Unlike previous times we’ve done this exercise, I encourage you to take notes in the appropriate section of our shared Google Doc.
    4. Unlike previous exercises, we won’t repeat back yet. First, switch with your partner, so that your partner is answering the question, and you’re taking notes.
    5. Take five minutes to replace your notes in the Google Doc with a series of questions that represent partner’s answer. It should include questions that your partner asked (possibly reframed) and questions that your partner answered without asking. Make sure you delete your previous notes — only the questions should remain.
    6. Compare your notes with each other. Give each other a score between one to five based on how well you think the questions represent what you were trying to say, with five being a perfect reflection. Discuss and revise.
    7. Hold up between one to five fingers based on how well the person reflected back what you said, with five being a perfect reflection.
    8. Correct or improve your partner’s question synthesis. Don’t be afraid to nitpick — nuances are important.
    9. Quickly debrief the exercise. What did you notice? How did you feel? What did you learn?
  4. Workout: Five Whys (30min)
    1. Start with one person’s answer to the warmup question, and ask, “Why?” This is your first Why.
    2. For each of your partner’s answers, ask, “Why?” again. Repeat this until you’ve asked and your partner has answered, “Why?” a total of five times.
    3. Switch.
    4. Quickly debrief the exercise:
      • How did the experience feel?
      • What did you learn?
  5. Checkout: Take a minute to share with your partner how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking. (5min)
  6. Each of you should post one brief takeaway as a comment to this post. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive or incredibly detailed. I’d strongly encourage you to share your takeaway immediately after your workout. Make it a point to read (and respond to, if so moved) other people’s takeaways every week.

This week’s homework: