#scoreboard experiment has been updated…

#scoreboard experiment has been updated to reflect that we introduced a tracker via email. This is what @eugene sent out last Monday to the Wye List Serv pertaining to #scoreboard.

Please keep scheduling one-on-ones with each other and sharing! Current scoreboard since July:
May — 2
Mike — 1
Angelica — 1
Heather — 1
Ai-jen — 1
Anna — 1

Since then Gara responded with a concern about language use in regards to “winning” but didn’t explicitly mention the #scoreboard.

#invisibleguest2 analysis

Here is some analysis from the #invisibleguest2 data:

2 out of 7 (29%) conversations including a Principal in Wye was recorded on Ms Miles. Those that were not recorded include organizations where Eden hasn’t yet connected individually with assistants. Eg. Heather, Ai-jen or Anjelica’s assistants with one exception (convo between May and Annie on 8/9).

22% of convos we are tracking with principal and other leaders (2 out of 9 convos) were recorded on Ms Miles.

Three assistants, Edwin from 350.org , Shina from APEN, and John from Forward Together has added meetings to Ms. Miles.

We learned about other meetings from Wye Leaders sharing their meeting notes or Miles River Team meetings.

More conversations could have been on the STP calendar as Miles River team members were part of these.

Headlines: Synthesis Expansion, Trumpism, Rowing Speed, and more!

One on One Conversations are happening! Last week we got great notes from May and Anna’s call, entitled Trumpism is here to stay and we have an incredible moment for offense. They answered many of our key questions. May had a convo with Annie today! To learn more about what we want to see in terms of engagement check out a blog posted by Haitham, http://wye.stproject.org/conversation/233.

The synthesis team is on the go, Jodeen and Amy are on board and we’re reaching out to all of Wye asking for more members. Our next call is coming up on 8/16/16.

Experiments continue to focus on encouraging one on one conversations, lessons learned forthcoming.
Eden is meeting in person with assistants while she is on the East Coast!

Looking forward, we want to explore what kind of Wye Gathering might be appropriate at the We Won’t Wait Summit in DC in September.


How might we stay engaged…

How might we stay engaged with each other in an ongoing basis?

At the WyeRiver meeting in March 2016, Wye leaders decided to sharpen their focus and come together to do long term planning together. There was strong consensus that in order to succeed, the network must try working in different shapes and move forward their work in between the two annual meetings.

This “how might we”question and the associated experiments are testing out different methods for communicating what work is happening and prompting increased engagement.

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