#mediatedmirrors. Posting for mediated mirrors…

#mediatedmirrors. Posting for mediated mirrors has been difficult in terms of finding press pieces that represent a variety of Wye Leaders. Eden and I discussed posting a clip of Heather on MSNBC talking to Gary from North Carolina that was going viral on facebook. We didn’t, but it was sent to the Wye River list serv by another leader with the subject line, “Heather, you are rocking it”. That same day there were four responses about how impactful this media segment was.

The #mediatedmirrors post is great….

The #mediatedmirrors post is great. Thanks @Alison and @Eden. @Eugene and I were talking about a resources section on the Wye site a couple of weeks ago. He mentioned that it’s often an assumption of networks to want that kind of repository but we should really test whether it’s worth spending resources on it. This is a great test to see if there is traction.

Kudos to @alison (and @eden?)…

Kudos to @alison (and @eden?) for getting the first #mediatedmirrors post up! Looking forward to seeing if there’s engagement. Do you want me to nudge the group as a whole about these? At minimum, I think you should let folks know about it on WhatsApp.

MEDIA-ted Mirrors