#scoreboard experiment has been updated…

#scoreboard experiment has been updated to reflect that we introduced a tracker via email. This is what @eugene sent out last Monday to the Wye List Serv pertaining to #scoreboard.

Please keep scheduling one-on-ones with each other and sharing! Current scoreboard since July:
May — 2
Mike — 1
Angelica — 1
Heather — 1
Ai-jen — 1
Anna — 1

Since then Gara responded with a concern about language use in regards to “winning” but didn’t explicitly mention the #scoreboard.

Sent an email to the…

Sent an email to the Wye River list, and included a “scoreboard” at the end for the #scoreboard experiment. It wasn’t anything fancy or graphical — just a current list of leaders who have talked since the July ask went out.